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Sunday, September 26, 2010

ANZAC BISCUIT CRAVINGS...also known as the story of how NOT to cook them.......

ANZAC BISCUIT CRAVING...also known as 'the story of how NOT to make them...'

I should start by telling you frankly, and somewhat ashamedly...I am NOT a natural cook.....infact I buy vintage wooden spoons and aprons HOPING there is still some essence of the cook who bore them...and that it will somehow infuse into me.....

However there are some recipe's I am great at, just so happens that they are all family recipes and as such i have been absorbing their influence since day dot.

I have a hankering for my Grandma's beautiful Anzac Biscuits with a cup of piping hot black tea...just what the doctor ordered as I have not been well.

However, probably due to the influence of medicine, I am unable to recall by heart my Grandma's recipe for love nor money, and turn to the net in search of a suitable replacement recipe.

I find just what I am after, a recipe similar and simple ....or so I thought.

Firstly, DANG...WT?? No plain the heck did that happen (as I guiltily recall recent memories of scoffing scones and lemon butter with my Dad recently...) I pull myself together to LEAVE.THE.HOUSE...sounds so trivial doesnt it, well I have made it a point in the last week to stay at home for fear of pulic humiliation.....

Ingredients finally at the ready, I don my newest vintage Apron which I will NOT be posting as I am loathe to admit is a mite small, however it still TIES at the back so snicker not!

I mix and make the cool science experiment that is golden syrup, butter and bicarb soda....

but OMG!! how did that happen?! I used a small saucepan as usual...and it bubbles over like Krakatoa....., still none the wiser, and not deterred at this point, I steele myself and carry on.....but while mixing, I notice there seems to be a whole lot more dry than wet ingredients, infact the volcano mix is only able to make about 1/2 the quantity of viable biscuit mix......

Determined to have a batch or 3 ready for the vultures when they arrive home, I set about to make the first couple of trays.....oven is on....

.....Huh??? Omg, instead of dropping 'teaspoons' onto the tray like my Grandma's recipe, this one calls for us to roll balls into walnut size. My mixture is a bit dry so I add a sprinkle of water, & proceed. Sheesh! My uncooked Anzacs at this point look like Hamburger patties, I am not holding out a lot of hope for this lot, will attempt again later....but smugly pop into preheated oven knowing that my homebaked starved children and Husband will eat anything short of charcoal.....

As fore planned, party arrives home just intime for me to pull out...umm, what the King rudely referred to as Anzac Rock Cakes......the kids nibble one and well. Hmmmm. Something.Not.Quite.Right.

LIGHT BULB moment here! I look back at recipe, and actually put my glasses on to read the recipe thru, not just assume what it says (yep, patience of a pirahna waiting for his meal to cook here, working in it I swear!)

.....and yes, it turns out to be a BULK recipe.....YIKES.

Instead of turfing out leftover ingredients, I am determined to see my craving satisfied. I redo the science experiment and mix the next batch.....*success*, and just to make sure, I have the kids poke several choc drops into each there is NOTHING in this household which will survive if it involves chocolate!

sniff sniff...yep they're ready ;)


#1. Dont attempt to cook if you are under the 'influence' and always read the recipe.

Second batch turned out lovely and only crumbs left on plate....recipe from Sherrie at Simple Living.

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